MADD Canada: Volunteer Code of Conduct

As a volunteer, I will.........

·   Treat others in a courteous, respectful manner.

·   Honour and support the efforts of fellow volunteers.

·   Communicate honestly and fully with others.

·   Be inclusive to people regardless of race, origin, sex, religion or disability.

·   Not be involved in criminal activities.

·   Encourage young people to become involved.

·   Refrain from public criticism of fellow volunteers, members and staff.

·   Be friendly and welcoming to new members.

·   Not abuse alcohol or drugs.

·   Refrain from profane, insulting, harassing or otherwise offensive language 

    in the conduct of my volunteer duties.

·   Encourage non-victims to become involved and play a key role in your Chapter.

·   Be honest and trustworthy.

·   Respect one another’s opinion even if they differ from your own.

·   Respect the privacy of others.

·   Respect and adhere to MADD Canada’s policies and guidelines that relate to 

    volunteer activity and the program I serve.

·   Refrain from using my MADD Canada volunteer status for personal or business 

    financial gain.

·   Refrain from wearing inappropriate clothing when representing MADD Canada.

·   Show up on time for volunteer commitments.