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Project Red Ribbon

MADD Canada has over 100 local Chapters across the country participating in this public awareness campaign and together we will be distributing millions of red ribbons reminding Canadians not to drink, or take drugs and drive.

With our Project Red Ribbon campaign MADD Canada’s members and supporters believe it is possible to stop impaired driving, and that is our mission.

MADD Canada would like to see all Canadians get involved in the fight against impaired driving by displaying a red ribbon on their vehicle, car keys, purse, backpack or other personal item to reinforce the important message not to drive while impaired by drug or alcohol.

By displaying the MADD Canada red ribbon, you make a personal commitment to drive sober.  The red ribbon is a tribute to honour those killed or injured in impaired driving crashes. It also serves as a constant message to people on the roads to drive safe and sober.

MADD Canada also hopes the red ribbon will serve as a reminder to call 911 and take action in ensuring our roads are safe.  We urge Canadians to call 911 if they see a suspected impaired driver. By calling 911 the immediate danger of an impaired driving crash can be removed from the road, and you may be saving a life.