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Membership ONLY

Do you support our mission,"to stop impaired driving and to support the victims of this crime?"
Membership can be as simple as financial support, or voting at our Annual General Meeting. 

If you are interested in a membership please fill out our online form.

If you a few hours a month to spare for this cause you could be both a Volunteer and a Member.  We currently are seeking volunteers for several Chapter Board Positions.  As a Board Member you would be able to vote on matters such as the direction the chapter is moving, awareness events we should be involved in, fundraising events we should or should not be involved in, and new members applying for Board positions.

For questions, please call us at 905-844-0096 or send and e-mail to info@maddhalton.org.

We thank you for your support.

If you are interested in volunteering in other areas, your support is always welcome and needed.